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Storytella-botics (7 to 12 yrs)

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"Meet Deo Dandillio, the loyal sidekick of Todus Tanner and guardian of Respect Number One"


Cost: $18,000 per week  [Click here to Register]


Storytella-botics is an introduction to Robotics and Coding. Children work with a partner to build individual and shared models using LEGO bricks. 

The models integrate motors and various sensors (touch, tilt, motion) which are then programmed to move using the computer. The coding is done using visual programming software that allows students to drag-and-drop different coding blocks that send instructions to their robotic creations.

With a simulated market, children have to use mental math to do their transactions as they develop financial intelligence while doing their activities.

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Location: American International School of Kingston (AISK)

Address: 2 College Green Ave, Hope Pastures, Kingston 6


Summer Camp 2017, Theme: We can change the world


Week 1: July 03 - July 06, 2017, Theme: What lives in the world?

Week 2: July 10 - July 13, 2017, Theme: Let's travel the world

Week 3: July 17 - July 20, 2017, Theme: How do patterns shape the world?

Week 4: July 24 - July 27, 2017, Theme: Make the world a better place


Times: Mon - Thurs, 9am to 1pm


Courses: Early BuildersYoung InventorsStorytella-botics,

RobotineersYoung Coders - DRONESYoung Coders - GAMING