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Early Coders (5 to 6yrs)

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"Meet Smiley Stacker, who lights up a room when he enters but is also attracted to dangerous things"


Cost: $15,000 per week | Drop-in: $5,000 per day 

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Early Coders teaches coding using a tactile programming language and interactive robots. This hands-on approach to learning coding utilizes puzzle-like pieces that snap together to create a set of coding instructions for the robot to follow. Children create code with these pieces that allow the robot to read each step of their logic and navigate different paths along a play mat.



Location: American International School of Kingston (AISK)

Address: 2 College Green Ave, Hope Pastures, Kingston 6



Explore - Journey into the unknown: How do we learn about the new, the unfamiliar, the unreachable and what types of tools can we use?

Imagine - Just think about it: How do we experiment with different points of view, make connections and generate new ideas?
Create - It's all in your hands: How do we move from the thoughts in our minds to making something new and unique in real life?
Empower - Gather your strength: How do we build confidence in our abilities and collaborations to achieve the outcomes we desire?



Week 1: July 02 - July 05, 2018, Theme: Explore

Week 2: July 09 - July 12, 2018, Theme: Imagine

Week 3: July 16 - July 19, 2018, Theme: Create

Week 4: July 23 - July 26, 2018, Theme: Empower


Times: Mon - Thurs, 9am to 1pm

Register here: bit.ly/hol-summercamp



Courses: Early Builders, Early CodersYoung InventorsYoung Coders - DronesStorytella-boticsRobotineers