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Outreach is a part of our DNA.


Starting in 2008, we brought our programmes into 8 underpriviliged communities and over 6 years, awarded 800+ scholarships to children who lived there.


Since 2014, through a partnership with the Musson Foundation, we started doing Lego Yuh Mind Outreach Day and through that effort have awarded 600+ scholarships to our 1-day event.


UNICEF featured our work in the Kingston community of Mountain View as a part of their 2015 State Of The Worlds' Children Report


By using some of the proceeds from our summer camp each year and getting our staff to volunteer, we have been playing a part in bringing world-class learning experiences to our children, regardless of their background.


To date, we have awarded more than 1,500 scholarships.


Our annual Outreach Day is held on the 3rd Saturday in July.

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