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Committed to Education

Founded by Marvin G. Hall in 2003, Halls of Learning is an educational services provider dedicated to empowering the lives of people through education. Inspired in part by Marcus Garvey's actions as a man of learning, Halls of Learning is committed to providing the highest quality educational experiences for young people, equal to, or exceeding international standards. We offer classes in Robotics & Coding, AP Computer Science as well as summer camps and outreach programmes to give children early exposure to the STEM/STEAM field . Building on a vision developed through the Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship at Stanford University, Halls of Learning became the national organizer for the World Robot Olympiad™ Jamaica in 2018. Additionally, Halls of Learning organizes online competitions for Jamaican students in Coding, Problem-solving and Math via the Oxford University Computing Challenge Jamaica, the BEBRAS Challenge and the AKSF Kangaroo Math Challenge, some of the largest youth competitions in the world. Through our ongoing collaborations with the SEPROD and Musson Foundations, we have also offered free training in Robotics & Coding to hundreds of teachers.


Our aim is to help prepare our youth for lifelong learning and position them for epic opportunities, regardless of their background.

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