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WRO Jamaica will be offering 2 categories to compete in for 2024:

  1. Robomissions
  2. Future Innovators.


Robomissions is the category we have offered since 2018 and requires teams to build and program a LEGO robot that has 2 minutes to solve challenges on a field. In 2023, we offered it as an extended competition with teams going head to head and earning points for each match of 3 rounds. This format will continue in 2024.


Robomissions matches take place Mar 2 to Mar 17, 2024 and will start with a group stage that leads up to a final. All matches take place at Halls of Learning.


For 2024, WRO Jamaica will add the Future Innovators category. In this category, students get the opportunity to develop and present a robotic solution to a real-world problem using ANY robotics hardware kit ANY software platform, and ANY additional materials. It is a project-based competition that relates to the current theme of the season. The Future Innovators category will be part of a larger 1-day expo that will take place on June 22, 2024 and projects will be displayed and judged at their booths. Judging criteria are based on 3 areas:

  • Project & Innovation
  • Robotic Solution
  • Presentation & Team Spirit



Students can participate in only ONE of these categories and switching of teams in any category is not allowed. Coaches can be assigned to more than one team in more than one category.


The WRO entry fee of US$50 covers a team of 2 to 3 students and includes lifetime access to a virtual robotics curriculum from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy.

WRO 2024 - Team Entry Fee (2 to 3 students)

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