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The WRO Brick Set is one of the required kits to build the elements of the competition field for the Robomissions category.

The WRO Field Expansion Set, and the WRO Brick Set are both needed to build your competition field.

The WRO Field Expansion Set + WRO Brick Set is required to build the U13 or U16 competition field. 

Each team also needs a U13 or U16 Game Field Mat to practice on. More than one team can practice on the same field mat.

WRO - Brick Set

  • WRO Jamaica runs Sept 23 - Oct 8
    [All matches take place at Halls of Learning]

    1. Group Stage: Sept 23-24, 3pm to 6pm
    2. Semifinals: Sept 30-Oct 1, 3pm to 6pm
    3. Finals: Oct 8, 3pm to 6pm
    4. International Finals in Panama City: Nov 7-9, 2023


    The WRO entry fee of US$50 covers a team of up to 6 students and includes lifetime access to a virtual robotics curriculum from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy.

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