October 8, 2020

Halls of Learning (HOL) has partnered with Israel-based, Intelitek, on their CoderZ Robotics League, which is a virtual robotics competition open to primary and secondary students all over the world. In teams of 5, students will advance throughout the competition by programming their robots to complete various missions.  

( Each student will have access to their own virtual robot and training ) 

It is another engaging activity for students to exercise their knowledge and increase their competitive coding skills. Upon registration with HOL, students will have free training and tutorials included within the CoderZ League online portal.

Students in Grades 4 to 6 register for the CoderZ League Junior. Students in Grades 7-12 register for the CoderZ League Pro. For the Jamaica region, teams will be formed into 8 ROZOs or Robot Zones of collaboration. All the points of teams in a ROZO will contribute to the overall score for that ROZO on the leaderboard. There will be up to 6 teams in a ROZO and the ROZOs are follows:

  1. Inventive ROZO

  2. Perceptive ROZO

  3. Adaptive ROZO

  4. Reliable ROZO

  5. Unstoppable ROZO

  6. Dedication ROZO

  7. Determination ROZO

  8. Concentration ROZO

This provides a unique approach that not only builds up teamwork skills within teams but also broadens the collaboration strategies across the teams in a ROZO. Teams of students can make multiple attempts at making their best scores on times on the missions.

The preliminaries start on Oct 19 and the training and tutorials last until Oct 30 so register now at bit.ly/coderzleagueja


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